Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Post-Election 2007 - A Royal Commission into the operation of the Immigration Dept is needed

This blog has called repeatedly for a Royal Commission into immigration policies and programs of the Howard Govt.

The RC Terms of Reference should include, but not be limited to, an investigation of:

1. implementation of the Pacific Solution (this of course should encompass the role and use of official aid)

2. wrongful detention of refugees and permanent residents of Australia

3. operation and financing of detention facilities on the mainland and offshore

4. wrongful repatriation of asylum seekers

5. influence of political staffers and Ministers in the determination of immigration decisions

6. role of the Prime Minister's task force on 'illegal' migration

7. influence of 'understandings' and 'deals' with neighbouring countries on the management of Australia's refugee policies and programs

This is enough to go on with. I for one would be pleased to give evidence before such a Royal Commission on the part that official aid played in the operation of the Pacific Solution.

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