Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Human Rights in Australia - Another immigration horror story comes to light

SBS & ABC reported tonight on the case of Tony Tranh. The story should make the blood of decent minded Australians run cold. His is the latest case to come to light of unlawful and mistaken detainment at Baxter Detention Centre.

Immigration's deportation of Tony Tranh's wife and son without his notification - and the far reaching impact of years of mistaken detainment on Mr Tranh's mental and physical health and livelihood - are difficult to comprehend.

Please write to your local MP and to the major party leaders expressing your concern and contempt for this injustice. You might like to seek advice on

1. what steps are being taken by the Australian Government and DIAC to offer compensation and assistance to Mr Tranh and his son, and to resolve the issue of Tony Tranh's so called 'statelessness?

2. what steps are being taken to investigate DIAC's breach of procedural guidelines in this case?

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