Monday, November 26, 2007

Post-Election 2007 - both reflection and change needed

Well, the bloggers were largely right and the journalists are still scratching around for a narrative.

In a landslide, Australia has elected its 3rd Labor Government from opposition since WW2. A sense of relief is washing over the land - it is palpable on the air waves. Howard has brought himself and his party undone.

His policies toward refugees wrought immense change in my life. The alarming shift this country took in 2001 made be angry and dispirited. I felt the moral and ethical basis of our commitment to protect human rights had been compromised, and that vulnerable human beings in need of help had become pawns in a ruthless political agenda.

Refugee issues remain a concern and I plan to advocate and track changes to Australia's refugee laws. We can do so much better on so many fronts. I hope Kevin Rudd provides an enabling environment for community to heal itself.

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