Monday, November 12, 2007

Election 2007 - "Democracy and disillusionment"

This blog post caught my eye. Malperdy's list of Howard's betrayals resonates with fear, greed and malignant power:

"* The Australian Wheat Board scandal over deals with the Saddam Hussein government in Iraq
* The Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq scandal
* Improper support for the invasion of Iraq instead of urging alternative solutions
* Extreme anti-terror laws
* The failure to recognize the international environmental crisis
* Failure to plan for the national water crisis
* The failure to support alternative forms of energy production
* Permitting the untrammelled selling off of natural mineral resources
* Use of dubious definitions of being 'employed' to provide favourable statistics
* Lack of affordable housing, and rising mortgage interest rates
* Failure to produce an effective reconciliation with Aboriginals
* Unqualified and uncritical support for the Bush regime in the USA
* Shameful treatment of asylum seekers who find their way to Australia
* The bogus children overboard scandal
* Shameful refusal to demand the release of Australian Guantanamo Bay detainees
* Blatant trickery over a national referendum on Australia becoming a Republic
* Dishonesty and deceit amongst those holding high office
* Abusing and jeering at its opponents instead of responding to their arguments
* Lacking statesmanship and dignity, and providing appalling role models for younger generations"

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