Thursday, November 22, 2007

Election 2007 - Dirty tricks take centre stage on eve of Election

The last days of a government reveal many things. A sure government would review its performance, play to its strengths and seek to unite.

Tricky, manipulative dissinformation games are afoot. Its not pretty, but it suggests a mindset that has flourished during the Howard years. Wedge politics are nasty. Attacks on the union movement and disregard for civil society have characterised the Howard experiment.

At this election civil action has played a large role in keeping key human relations issues to the fore. Human rights, conservation and new directions in human capital investment are centre stage at this Election. Investment in social and economic infrastructure has declined over the last decade. Public disinvestment in key areas of education have held us back. Action on refugees and legislation with inadequate human rights protections has shone a light on the Howard Govt record.

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