Friday, November 02, 2007

Election 2007 - Journos just don't get it!

After a decade of going soft on Howard's nasty experiment, that has seen Australia hijacked by ideological extremists, the 4th estate seems to assume the rest of us are blank slates waiting for their latest 'extraordinary' insights. Lord help us all if that was the case.

I tuned in to Fran Kelly's 'political panel' discussion this morning on Radio National Breakfast. Even the seasoned political journo, Michelle Grattan, seemed to be in fierce agreement with the others (Kelly, Farr & Bongiorno) that the bulk of the electors have'nt really turned off Howard, they're just in to a mindless 'it's time' construct.

Oh dear, what can the matter be, all these journos hoist by their flattery (of Howard that is). Oops, sorry, just got carried away for a moment.

I listened to Hugh Mackay's chat with Phillip Adams on LNL yesterday. What a contrast from the mealy mouthed 'me tooisms' of the gallery hack pack. Hugh was talking about his new book, Advance Australia Where?

He refers to the Howard years as the 'dreaming', when Australia tuned out of issues such as reconciliation, refugee rights and general human rights, and rule of law concerns. Money and lifestyle obsessions saw these issues 'back-seated', facilitated by a media culture in thrall to Howard's radical reactionary agenda.

Now that Australians are waking up to the fact that loss of social cohesion, genuine community and fairness is not the Australia we aspire to, the journos are all at sea trying to explain why the electorate is getting set to thump the Coalition.

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