Wednesday, October 18, 2006

UN goodwill ambassador, Jolie, attacks Australian refugee policies

Even Hollywood stars are becoming aware of Australia's draconian asylum seeker policies. Of course, Angelina Jolie is more informed than most due to her UN role, but it is an indicator of just how 'on the nose' these policies have become.

Your Movies reports she "has slammed Australia's refugee policies, saying that we are turning a blind eye to those in need.

The actress and United Nations goodwill ambassador wrote an article in the latest issue of UN magazine "Refugees" condemning Western nations for their treatment of asylum seekers.

"Many people have died trying to get to the US and Australia but we don't notice," she said.

"How dare they try to eat at our table? How dare they come to build our roads, clean our hospitals and office blocks, wash dishes in our restaurants and make beds in our hotels?... It's a scandal in such a rich world we are not even finding a way to help feed refugee families properly."

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