Friday, October 06, 2006

Not all Libs in tune with Howard's dog whistle...

Bless him, Petro is at again, voicing opposition to the narrow-minded citizenship construct Howard has trumpeted over the last few weeks, enthusiastically supported by the Robb cipher et al.

Mr Georgiou says the proposed test of migrants' English skills, knowledge of Australian history and values could prevent many "model citizens" from taking up citizenship.

He has also warned that the liberal traditions of the Liberal Party were under assault, with the social justice that was once a cornerstone now "forgotten by many members of the Liberal Party, and … reviled by others".

Howard is fertilizing the ground for another 'fear' led election campaign where he decides who is an ideal citizen and the values they will have. Mr Howard's values are code for exclusion, religious and racial prejudice and xenophobia and are far removed from a sound basis for a society built on freedom, equity and respect for all. I sometimes wonder whether he actually believes any of his rhetoric or whether it is just carefully crafted to push voters' fear and prejudice buttons. I expect a bit of belief resides in him, especially the belief that people will be afraid, very afraid...the conviction politician, wringing his hands, and telling us about his version of what is right and!!!!

When will we ever learn...when will we everrrr learn!

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