Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Send The Prime Minister A Prayer Flag

The Australia Tibet Council is arranging to send PM Howard a Tibetan prayer flag to urge him to publicly support the Dalai Lama’s Middle Way approach and to offer Australia as a neutral venue for talks between China and the Dalai Lama.

For centuries, Tibetans have strung colourful prayer flags (or Lung ta meaning “Wind Horse”) outside their homes, at mountain passes, across rivers and in other places considered sacred to their culture.

The yellow, green, red, white and blue prayer flags are inscribed with blessings, prayers and mantras which are broadcast on the wind. Tibetans believe that the fluttering prayer flags bring happiness, long life and prosperity to the one who hangs them, the surrounding countryside and to all beings wherever the wind blows.

It is hoped that the sight of the prayer flags submitted through this campaign will encourage the Prime Minister to publicly offer his practical support to the Dalai Lama’s Middle Way approach.

Click here to reach the ATC website. They will deliver your message to the Prime Minister on a prayer flag.

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