Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Generals don't like it, the diplomats don't like it, the press don't like it but Howard and Downer keep plugging the Iraq war as a winner...

Colin Powell (former US Secretary of State) and Britain's top general have both slammed the idiocy of the Iraq war strategy. Even Dubbya is starting to doubt his own 'brilliance'. Now one of Australia's distinguished former foreign envoys and erstwhile Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Richard Woolcott, has described Iraq as a 'catastrophic blunder'. Speaking at the University of Newcastle's annual Human Rights and Social Justice lecture, he told the audience:

"The Iraq war has been a disaster and has substantially increased the terrorist threat Mr Howard said it would reduce,".

"The aim of foreign and defence policy is to make Australia secure - ironically some of our policies have placed Australians at greater risk."

Mr Woolcott called on the government to come up with an exit strategy.

The only politicians who just don't get it, or think that if they go on dissembling long enough someone will beam them up, is the Howard/Downer 'son et lumiere' tragedy, played out yet again in Parliament this week.

Downer was verging on the apoplectic, trying to paint Iraq as a raging success. He is quickly becoming a charactiture of himself - bullying Melanesian leaders, frightening the North Koreans into abject submission - a legend in the annals of AWB!

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