Monday, April 24, 2006

Victory vindicates my stand on asylum seekers: Georgiou

The Australian reports "PETRO Georgiou believes his landslide preselection victory in the seat of Kooyong is a win for his support of asylum-seekers and the "broad church" of the Liberal Party...Behind closed doors, Mr Georgiou highlighted his role to preselectors in ensuring women and children were no longer held in detention, a vow that could come under threat if the Government pushes ahead with a policy to force all asylum-seekers into offshore processing centres if they arrive by boat.

Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser said the Kooyong result was a clear endorsement of "the liberal stance he has taken on a number of issues, most notably asylum-seekers and children in detention".

"I think it's got some implications for the new policy on Papuan refugees," Mr Fraser told The Australian.

"As I understand it, it will put children in detention somewhere offshore."

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