Saturday, April 08, 2006

Asylum seeker policy determined by Jakarta

SBY has threatened to release the stopper valve on 'warehoused' asylum seekers ('of middle eastern appearance') in retaliation for Howard's hypocritical asylum seeker strategy.

One pull of this chain and Howard and cohort scuttle to come up with weasel words to appease Jakarta. Now Howard is looking at surrendering Australia's sovereignty to determine who are genuine asylum seekers through some 'right of reply' formula cooked up on the run.

At the same time the gunboats will be out in force to repel boarders. Again the buttons of 'fear'and 'security' are being pushed with abandonment as Howard siphons the snake oil back in the bottle.

In the process international law and convention provisions governing the treatment of asylum seekers are similarly 'warehoused'.

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