Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jakarta hit list...

ABC is reporting Jakarta has compiled a 'dossier' of Australian politicians, NGO reps and other activists considered to be a threat to Indonesia for promoting West Papua independence. Greens, ALP and Democrat politicians have made it on to the list. This tells us something of the sort of regime still in command in Jakarta. Whilst Howard is lauding the Indonesian President for his moderate leadership this type of extremist posturing is encouraged. The strategy of demonising Australian advocates of human rights in Papua is not the act of a moderate democracy but of a repressive bullying regime used to silencing dissident voices.

SBY is more moderate than his predecessors but civil rights must be extended to Papuans in the same measure afforded non-Papuan citizens of Indonesia. If Indonesia wants to be seen to have put aside its previous suppression of Papuan rights this is a good time to demonstrate good faith.

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