Monday, April 17, 2006

Howard engenders 'an atmosphere of hopelessness'

Frank Walker, writing in the SMH, exposes the ethical wasteland wrought by the Howard govt.

"Religious leaders have chosen Easter to attack the Howard Government for its record on human rights and aid for the less fortunate.

Several prominent church leaders from various denominations said the message of Easter was in sharp contrast to the actions of the Federal Government, particularly in relation to asylum seekers.

Uniting Church president Dean Drayton said the Government's latest decision to deport asylum seekers showed it was willing to allow human decency to drop off the political agenda...The Anglican Bishop of Newcastle, the Right Reverend Brian Farran, said there was an atmosphere of hopelessness in Australian society.

"We hear comments such as 'close down borders' and 'shut down emotions', and that shut-down approach is being led by the Prime Minister. There is a sense of hopelessness about him.

"The mood needs a huge injection of hope and this is the revelation of Easter."

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