Tuesday, December 20, 2005

heaven forbid - not international critics of Singapore!

I was struck by this piece of Singaporean navel gazing by Simon Tay, a lawyer with an interest in international affairs. This is the voice of legal reason, arguing that Singaporeans should'nt get into another round of defending their disgraceful disregard for human rights on the basis of 'asian values'. Mounting the case that the barbarism of a mandatory death penalty can be considered inherently 'asian' is a tacky propaganda spin, and to be rightly condemned. Mr Tay asks "Are we on the verge of a second round of the Asian values debate between Singapore and critics from the West? There are reasons to hope not..." Well, golly gosh!

State sanctioned barbarism is not limited to particular racial groups, as even a cursory glance at world events will confirm. If the sanctity of human life is trashed under the guise of nationalist 'values' it is the role of critics (international or otherwise) to expose the rampant hubris and inhumanity at work.

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