Monday, December 26, 2005

Australians support abolition of capital punishment

Many adults in Australia disagree with the implementation of the death penalty for specific crimes, according to a poll by Roy Morgan International. 69 per cent of respondents believe the penalty for murder should be imprisonment, while 25 per cent believe it should be death.

This is good news, and flies in the face of the dissembling propaganda spewing forth from Singaporean and Indonesian media sources.

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Omni said...

Americans, on the other hand, LOVE the death penalty... I personally would be in favor of the death penalty for a much wider range of crimes, including for things like child molestation (there's no cure for pedophilia), where we don't want the criminal ever being in society again, nor do we want to pay for them to be in a jail for 50 years.

Jail isn't free!! It costs the taxpayer a small fortune for every prisoner every year... $ that could be feeding the hungry and curing the sick.

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