Friday, December 23, 2005

The Dog Whistler

Workers Online have awarded Howard their 'Tool of the Year' Award: "If our Tool Of The Year left us any more relaxed and comfortable we'd be dead"

"In the sixties John Howard opposed Vietnam War protesters and the protesters were right and Howard was wrong.

In the seventies John Howard opposed the African National Congress and the ANC was right and Howard was wrong.

In the eighties John Howard opposed Asian immigration and immigration was right and Howard was wrong

In the nineties John Howard opposed Eddie Mabo, but Mabo was right and Howard was wrong.

In the early years of the twenty-first century John Howard opposed the UN over Iraq and the UN was right and Howard was wrong.

Now John Howard is opposed to your rights at work; is there a pattern developing here?

If John Howard thinks he has scored a victory this year gaining control of the Senate he should look up the word Pyrrhic in a dictionary.

That it will fly obliviously over the head of this third rate suburban solicitor that his Thatcherite dream for us all may not be in the best interests of society should come as no surprise...Our Tool Of The Year knows that a quick bribe and a nod towards some popular bigotry will see him over the line every time. It helps if you can whip the populace into a panic like some snake oil salesman, then sell them the quack cure.

This will win you elections, but it ain't clever.

The problem is, no matter how many times you fudge, spin, distort, obfuscate, dodge, attack as a form of defence, cheat, steal or bastardise, there is always reality down the track...John Howard has made us smaller and darker as a nation. He is hell bent on turning this country into a grasping, money-obsessed leviathan; reduced to a battle of all against all."

Gee that's tough language but from where I sit it looks about right. Goodnight and good luck!

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