Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lumpen media winning propaganda war against Labor Government

Crikey posted a piece today on the shortcomings of the Labor Government, accusing the party of lacking guts & personnel. However, the author is failing to take into account the minefield strewn before those same personnel on a daily basis by an orchestrated media campaign to win back office for the lumpen reactionary mob. I had this to say by way of comment, which reprises sentiments oft repeated here:

"This email (see comment from Climate Change) from the crypto-tea party lunatic fringe just about sums up one of the most egregious attempts to grab power in recent times, apart from the invasion of Iraq. A conga line of mediocre journalists have failed the test of detachment, objectivity and intellectual rigour and have climbed on board. The truly dreadful lumpen mob that masquerade as journalists in the Murdoch stable run rough-shod over the public clearing houses of information and analysis. The ABC is meant to counter this, but presently it is operating as a ‘parenthetical amplification’ of this propaganda machine.

The polls for Labor can be expected to fall in the face of a relentless fear campaign waged over putting a price on carbon and over asylum seekers. The gutter press has banged the fear drum louder than the politicians, with shock-jocks oiling the wheels of a propaganda machine on a very nasty roll. Goebbels would have been proud of the orchestrated smear of the so-called ‘carbon tax’.

The daily fare of spin, laced with fear and loathing has become so ubiquitous I find it difficult to follow the news cycle, something to which I’ve always been addicted. Crikey and its affiliated blogs are a breath of fresh air, although the disappointment with the position Labor is in and the difficulties of countering the propaganda of the gutter press is palpable at times, but jeez Bernard you could probably make a better fist of it by taking a slightly more forensic look at what is really going on! What ever shortcomings Labor has, they pale into insignificance when measured against the mediocrity and lumpen reactionary melange swamping the public arena, oiling the wheels of one of the most cynical power grabs in living memory…"

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