Monday, March 21, 2011

Is the Liberal Party guilty of ‘race baiting’? - Political Sword article

I came across this excellent piece today, posted on the Political Sword blog.

This is a blog for grown-ups, so I suggest the pygmy possums that trip the light fantastic across much of the virtual landscape stay away.

I like this comment:

"Thank you for the link to Peter Hartcher's article. He blows hot and cold, doesn't he? One week he's all over the government like a rash(last week), this week he's condemning them to a fast descent through the 7 stages of Hell. I think he's suffering from 'The Great Unhinging' that Possum predicted would happen. It seems that the political journosphere are having to cope with the reality that they are just another source for political opinion, and not the Delphic Oracles they had been pumped up to be before the Web 2.0 scene got into full swing and we all started having our own opinions and putting together pieces that outshone theirs by a country mile, and showed them up to be the political equivalent of the Wizard of Oz, cloistered in their Ivory Towers down there in the Canberra Press Gallery, hobnobbing with the political 'stars' on a daily basis and getting their little tidbits of political gossip fed to them. Big deal! Sometimes it's better to be 'Unhinged' from all that, you see the political world much clearer I

Great work, love this blog!

I spotted Virginia Trioli on ABC News24 on the breakfast segment this morning. Classic example, yet again, of Virginia (no one understands how important I am) wanting to be the news. Some poor bloke was being grilled on the situation in Libya and VT was demanding from him an answer as to 'how long this would take'?, as if this guy was making these decisions. She and many of her ilk have joined the Alan Jones school of interviewing. Unless you give an answer that meets their pre-determined spruik and self-important judgement on what's what, you are interrupted and rudely interrogated. Its sooooo tedious.

Another bug bear at present is the mindless fawning after Prince Willie, the latest poster boy for Corporate Windsor, or Vice-President elect for Windsor public relations. It was pleasing to see Paul what's his face telling VT he just does'nt get it. I'm with you Paul, especially given it will be the Australian tax player that foots the bill. Bring on a republic post haste before we have several more generations of this clever PR firm foisted on us, glad handling and setting the benchmark for the 'hail fellow well met' stakes.

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