Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Human rights in Australia - fear works when journalists fail the test of integrity

Well, we have the expected fall in polls for Labor because of the relentless fear campaign waged over putting a price on carbon and asylum seekers. The gutter press (sorry, the Murdoch press) has banged the fear drum louder than the politicians, with shock-jocks oiling the wheels of a propaganda machine on a very nasty roll. Goebbels would have been proud of the orchestrated smear of the so-called 'carbon tax'.

I sent the following message to the Liberal Party yesterday:


Your cheap politics and fear tactics have got you a poll jump. But as for convincing voters you are an alternative credible government you will find this tactic to be pyrrhic. You are trashing the national interest through your low rent strategies and it will come back to haunt you.

Good luck with that…"

It remains to be seen whether the fear-mongering that has become the major currency of the Coalition will ultimately win out. It worked for Howard during the 'Tampa' episode and by affiliation to the 'war on terror' con. The Australian electorate continues to be easily swayed by slogans that play to fear and prejudice. It is a sad reality that our body politic has not matured and that our collective capacity to critique the manipulation of mass media by sectional interests remains weak.

I am on the brink of stopping this blog as I've run out of things to say on human rights and the failings of our media commentariat. It is at a very low ebb at the moment and I seen no signs of improvement. The low rent nature of the media campaigns waged against the progressive side of politics is debilitating - the daily fare of spin, laced with fear and loathing has become so ubiquitous I find it difficult to follow the news cycle, something to which I've always been addicted. Crikey and its affiliated blogs are a breath of fresh air, although the disappointment with the position Labor is in and the difficulties of countering the propaganda of the other side is palpable at times.

I have'nt given up completely but it will take something special to renew my enthusiasm for the struggle against mediocrity and the lumpen media melange swamping the public arena. Good luck and good day...

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