Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Human rights in Australia - An open letter to Senator Fielding on 'alcopops' and subversion of majority mandate

Dear Senator

Your wrong-headedness on this issue is staggering. On the basis of not getting your way on ‘cultural change’, you are prepared to block what appears to be a win/win for families battling the dangers of binge drinking. Tax on ‘alcopops’ is one important component of a suite of instruments to reduce alcohol abuse by young people. Increased tax on cigarettes has been an exemplary case in point. Improved government revenue resulting from this tax is beneficial at a time of reduced tax receipts, enabling government to pursue social wage improvements across the board.

The people of Victoria must be sorely tired of your grand-standing on such issues and will doubtless remove you from Parliament at the next opportunity. In the meantime, you may wish to consider your political legacy. You did the right thing in passing the stimulus package. I would like you to consider what a frivolous subversion of majority mandate on the basis of a pathetic ‘look at me’ stance can mean for our body politic at this time of economic insecurity. At the minute you look like standing up for big distillers under the smoke screen of confected outrage on specious grounds!

Watch this intellectual giant at work!

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