Sunday, March 15, 2009

Alert & Alarmed - "Insiders" perseveres with right- wing pamphleteers!

Yet again, I have had cause to share a thought with the Insiders program, which can be enlightening from time to time:

"Gerard (nobody knows how clever I am) Henderson topped himself this morning. This man has taken the art of the permanently credulous to new heights. His self-righteous defence of unfair dismissal laws had me reaching for the oxygen. Right, so, in a climate when job security is increasingly tenuous, a Labor govt with a rolled gold mandate to secure the entitlements of workers, should be signing up to a regime that further atomizes workers and weakens their rights. This guy is such an unreconstructed ideologue he comes across as a goose. His naked contempt for the articulate and balanced female journos on today's show was obvious. It beggars belief that Fairfax continue with him as a columnist. However, when you take a glance at some of the other stellar performers at the SMH, it is little wonder sales are down. I pity his employees if they get on the wrong side of him."

Between GH and those bastions of inclusiveness and social justice, Andrew Bolt & Piers Ackermann, the intellectual tone of this show plummets from time to time under the weight of their tortuous twaddle.

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