Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alert & Alarmed - Home of Nelson Mandela bans Dalai Lama

The Age reports South Africa has been accused of kow-towing to China after banning the Dalai Lama from a Nobel laureates peace conference in Johannesburg.

Again, another example of China bullying client states to accept its world view and conform to its distorted take on Tibet.

Addressing local media, Bishop Tutu said: "We are shamelessly succumbing to Chinese pressure. I feel deeply distressed and ashamed."

Surprise, surprise, it appears all is not well in the bird's nest. An article in the Epoch Times reports: "Communism is breaking down from the inside. The CCP will send out soldiers to stabilize its frontiers, while its core crumbles. The world saw the Soviet Union and Eastern Block collapse overnight. For China, it’s not a matter of if, but when. The sands in the hour glass wait for no one."

Increasingly desperate actions within and without are indicators of a body politic with a terminal canker. History has shown that economic achievements tend to be Pyrrhic if not accompanied by civil rights and individual freedoms.

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