Friday, August 17, 2007

Australians All - "Stolen Generation: Time for a Change"

The AA website has published an article by Julian Burnside. The talking point extract follows:

"There can be no excuse for a government which harms children deliberately – even if it does so with the backing of misguided laws. The time has come for governments across the country to acknowledge that they have harmed generations of aboriginal children, that they knew removal was harmful, and that their reasons for the removals were wrong even if they were benevolent. It is time governments across the country set up compensation schemes which can quickly and efficiently deal with the just claims of children damaged by the State, who have grown up to be damaged adults ignored by the State. They hardly had a chance as children – give them a chance now."

Down the track I expect the justice system will be kept busy by court actions brought by plaintiffs mistreated under the Howard Government's current attempt to further disempower Aboriginal people under the guise of child welfare.

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