Sunday, August 19, 2007

10 things not to like about Howard's brave new Australia

1. Workplace fairness has been sacrificed at the altar of excessive business profits

2. Social and sectarian divides are encouraged

3. 'Racial Darwinism' has re-emerged as a central motif of social policy

4. International law obligations and conventions are 'cherry picked'

5. Unilateralism and a narrow bilateralism are preferred in external relations

6. Individual competition is encouraged over social cooperation

7. Unchecked consumerism has triumphed over conservation and moderation

8. Investigative journalism has given way to news infotainment and media populism

9. Acquisition of 'cargo' and money are prime measures of individual success

10. Individuals who don't conform with the above are belittled & marginalized

What a legacy to bequeath our children!

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