Monday, August 27, 2007

Australians Against Racism - "Rainbow Bird" Project to say never again to another Tampa

Sunday was the anniversary of the day the MV Tampa rescued over 400 people at sea, only to give John Howard the wedge by which he not only won the 2001 election, but tormented and harmed men women and children from then to now with the mandatory detention regime.

Australians Against Racism, in collaboration with Wakefield Press, published Rainbow Bird on the 26th of August to mark Tampa Day. Written and illustrated by 14 year old Adelaide teenager Czenya Cavouras, Rainbow Bird is a picture book that is thought provoking, disturbing, and inspiring.

AAR hope Rainbow Bird will stir, enrage, and move people. They hope it will be a powerful memento of these dark times. We hope people will treasure it as a beautiful work of art.

Please forward this information as widely as you can. The more people to have this book in hand the better, because it will also help us to say collectively on election day: 'Never again'.

Rainbow Bird is available now in bookshops and from Wakefield Press.

Profits from Rainbow Bird go to AAR. All who worked on the Rainbow Bird project volunteered their time and skills.

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