Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Simply put, it is about human dignity

The brave ones...will there be any more?

A small group of Lib MPs is calling for changes to mandatory detention and threatening to cross the floor on the vote for the private member’s bills they plan to bring before the House to ‘humanize’ the detention regime . A paltry few small “l” Liberals have finally found their conscience and their voice and it is to be greatly applauded.

Just maybe these brave souls had a discreet glance in the direction of public opinion in forming their view. While Howard tells us that mandatory detention is working well, a recent poll dealing with the issue of mandatory detention in The Age was revealing. Asked if we need a royal commission into mandatory detention, of the 3653 respondents 94 per cent said ‘Yes’ and 6 per cent said ‘No’.

The ALP benches might want to review their hardline stance on mandatory detention. Read my lips – you can’t fix it by tinkering at the edges – it has to go. It would be fitting if Labor was to revisit core values and admit they got it wrong in letting this ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ out of captivity.

The light on the hill is definitely down to a pathetic glow when Howard’s brigade can trumpet ‘bipartisanship’ in defending mandatory detention. The community is crying out for a moral compass on this issue and these Liberal MPs have got the message.

Now is a good time to contact your MP to express outrage over mandatory detention.

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