Thursday, May 26, 2005

the moral divide...

Today’s editorial in The Age is worth a read. Following is an excerpt:

“The ostensible justification for mandatory detention is that it is a deterrent, but this practical justification was always arguable. It makes little sense now that the boats have all but stopped, while the case against the policy is stronger than ever. Liberal MP Judi Moylan, who supports Mr Georgiou, this week summed up the policy's moral inconsistencies: "What are we doing locking up people who are innocent to set some sort of example to people smugglers in another country?" Asylum seeking is not a crime, but an internationally recognised human right. Mandatory detention should be abandoned.”

The ever brilliant Leunig holds that mirror up again

The Age has also inserted an updated map of where Australia’s detention centres are located and the numbers of detainees therein.

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