Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Morally opposed

Battle of wills: (from left) Garry McDonald, Caroline Brazier and Nicholas Eadie.
Garry McDonald is James (Eggs) Benedict, the Minister for Home Security, with lofty ambitions for the prime ministership.

This is a man who believes that protecting Australia's borders takes precedence over protecting human rights. His brother Tom (Nicholas Eadie) is a left-wing community lawyer and activist. He also happens to represent Hazem (Rodney Afif), the only Iraqi survivor of a refugee boat that sinks in the Indian Ocean on its way to Australia.

Robin Usher of The Age reported yesterday that the Costello brothers were a part of playwright Hannie Rayson’'s inspiration for her latest work about human rights.

Two Brothers is unsettling theatre that takes recent border protection events (Tampa, SIEVX) and sets them in the mould of melodrama and thriller. Partly inspired by the political contrasts in the positions of federal Treasurer Peter Costello and his brother Tim, Rayson stretches family loyalties to their limits in this exploration of clashing ideologies.

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