Wednesday, April 06, 2005

It all helps

The ABC reported today that there are renewed calls for asylum seekers suffering from mental illness to be taken out of South Australia's Baxter Detention Centre near Port Augusta.

The Federal Court in Adelaide yesterday heard that some Baxter detainees who are suffering from mental illness are being denied access to psychiatric treatment. Lawyers for a number of asylum seekers want their clients moved to Glenside Psychiatric Hospital in Adelaide.

Justice for Refugees' chairman Don McMaster says the Government must face its responsibilities. "I think, you know, really it's time that Baxter was closed down and that detainees are placed out in the community on some sort of community system and people who are suffering some sort of mental illness are placed in the appropriate place," he said

The basic decency of Aussies, and respect for our institutions and laws, will see mandatory detention come under increasing scrutiny by those same institutions.

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