Friday, August 20, 2010

Australia Votes - political commentary traduces our Democracy - open letter to the ABC

Dear ABC

In your attempt to provide 'balance' in your political reporting you have unleashed a bunch of narrow minded 'me me ' generation 'reporters' on to the political commentary stage, most of whom think they're the news. Apart from some notable exceptions, the commentary from the likes of Trioli, Crabb (who just can't get enough of Abbott unplugged - yuk!), Kelly, Uhlman, etc etc has been tortuous.

The so-called 'expert' commentary has been equally vacuous. After the Labor launch last Monday poor Joe fielded two right wing usual suspects to assess the launch. In the manner of Trioli, they both looked like they had eaten a shit sandwich every time Julia Gillard was mentioned. This is frankly not good enough.

It is bad enough that the Murdoch press have adopted an editorial line that traduces our democracy, but I expect a lot more from the ABC. The other day even the World Today fell into the trap. Eleanor Hall, whom I do admire, had Kennett on as an 'expert' on health policy. Spare me, Kennett can be called many things but an 'expert' on health policy he ain't.

And much as I have admired Red Kes over the years he has of late taken on some of the attributes of the 'me me' crowd - in other words, get out of my way because I'm the story! It is rank and it does our body politic a disservice.

If Abbott is elected on Saturday the ABC will have had a substantial hand in this outcome through mediocre analysis and mind-boggling glad-handling. And please, please don't ever let Tony Eastley go wandering off into the never never again. He may have had a rural epiphany but it was excruciating as political analysis!

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