Sunday, August 22, 2010

Australia Votes - MSM, Greens & GetUp enable Abbott to contemplate his new 'pacific ' solution

Ironic as it may seem, the combination of a heavily biased MSM, including the ABC, and the hemorrhaging of Labor's primary vote to the greens and in response to campaigning by groups such as GetUp, has almost delivered Government to the most thuggish, reactionary politician this country has produced in recent decades. He will return to the Pacific solution, he will scrap the NBN, he will revisit unfair work practices, he will implement a harsh regime to make those on welfare suffer.

Queensland has reverted to type, attracted to Abbott's Hansonite agenda. Parts of Western Sydney have been equally in thrall to the hate messages.

The debt and deficit fear drum has also been beaten relentlessly, with the acquiescence of a lemming like media train that has played a huge role in determining the outcome of the election.

GetUp preached a soft left line relentlessly, playing into the hands of the far right. The naivety of their strategy is there for all to see. Yes, the soft left vote swung to the greens, but how does this help the cause of progressive politics when you enable a reactionary fear monger like Abbott to crow about his electoral success?

I was afraid this would happen. The body politic will change as a result of this election. I am fearful that the tendencies in the Australian electorate that saw Howard elected four times on the back of fear politics have been lurking under the surface, awaiting to re-emerge and further traduce the human rights record of this country.

Abbott's macho, pseudo religiosity and manic physical self-flagellation might appeal to some of the 'me me journalists' (Annabell, oh Annabel) but it makes my skin crawl. What does it say about the psychological health of a country that goes within a whisk of electing a major political party that had as the centerpiece of its electoral pitch the punishment of a few miserable refugees? It beggars belief that in the 21st century our body politic can be so trivialized. Can I suggest a few ‘journalists’ might benefit from a stint in the wilderness to re-discover their bearings and don't forget your flagellation tool!

By direct intent or by default, a large number of Australians have opted for a return to fear and division. They say you get the politicians you deserve. What does that tell us about the maturity of our emerging national consciousness? We are on the verge of becoming the soft rump of the reactionary 'tea party' set that is turning politics in the US very ugly. It will not be much prettier here if Abbott takes the reins.

As I've said repeatedly on this blog, be careful what you wish for!!

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