Friday, April 17, 2009

Human rights in Australia - the fear & smear Liberals are at it again over asylum seekers!

The largest dog whistle we have seen for a while has been produced by Turnbull et al over the asylum seeker boat explosion. The whistle has been getting a work out over 'China' fears, and has found full throat over the tragedy off our shores yesterday.

Of course, it is all the Rudd government's fault! They instigated a more humane approach to refugees, although its humanity could be markedly improved by taking the Christmas Island stopover out of the equation. Rudd abolished the egregious TPV regime, which was a violation of refugee rights and a nasty scar on our human rights landscape.

Turnbull and his pygmy warriors jump at the opportunity of politicizing refugee fears. It is a permanent default emanating from the political DNA of the Libs and their partners in fear, the Nats. And is'nt it great to hear back from that bastion of 'multilateralism', erstwhile FM Downer on how his mates would have handled this situation. How can anyone forget the Libs' response to Tampa and kids overboard. This blogger has'nt fogotten.

Yes, we remember! Blame the victims for their own plight, extract as much sensationalism out of the role of people smugglers, put words in the mouth of ADF personnel who cannot answer for themselves, and then whip up public sentiment against refugees. Throw in dollops of confected outrage over your political opponents complete lack of preparedness to face down the 'threat' and you have the typical Lib's stock in trade response to the terrible plight of some of the most vulnerable people on the planet.

Oh, I forgot - then you set about making weak neighbouring countries complicit in policies that violate human rights!

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