Sunday, April 26, 2009

ABC 'Insiders' - You have heard of the 'shining'; now we have the 'dumbing'!

I keep persevering with this show as occasionally it produces some gems, but today was woeful. I've penned the following comment:

"The pro-Iraq war chorus has morphed into the 'we hate deficits' chorus. The Murdoch press has stormed the barricades and Barry must be thinking about a change of career to something with substance - may be a sports journalist! Listening to Andrew Robb was like the drone of a commune apparatchik in a Brecht play. The man is a walking self-parody!

Today's effort took me back to some of the confused musings on the run up to the 2007 poll. I'm afraid this bunch of 'Insiders', with the possible exception of LT, operate in a parallel reality. Perhaps they spend too much time talking to themselves, and crafting think pieces that are accessible to people with a relatively low reading age!

Poor Lenore must be wondering what it would be like to exchange views with people of talent and integrity. At least she made an effort to humanize refugees and dispense with the 'demonizing' propaganda of the likes of Bolt. This confused latter chappie thinks he is a 'conservative' font of knowledge. No, he is just a reactionary (sorry, 'naughty') boy, and not a misunderstood messiah!

It seems I'm not the only one who thinks Bolt is a bit of a dill.

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