Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Howard's legacy

A recent post to Road to Surfdom on "Howard's services to Parliament" caught my eye. The wash-up from most of the comments would suggest Howard should be taken to a dark place and required to commit some form of redemptive act involving about a decade of self-flagellation to answer for the 'lost decade'.

Of course these things are only ever made right in the movies, but then again! I added my two bob's worth:

"Agree with all the scatological descriptions of erstwhile leader. However, it is in the order of things that unless the citizenry take the Mussolini option (ie hang the tyrant with spouse), breaking laws and violating human rights in the process, or require permanent hibernation such as Nixon experienced, invariably rotten leaders in democracies manage some form of rehabilitation, often enabled by their political opponents. This ensures they suffer a similar fate when they lose office. All in all, I would rather enjoy the benefits of a robust democracy than the Pyrrhic satisfaction of seeing one tyranny replaced by another. However, I would like to see more investigation of the human rights violations on Howard’s watch and an accounting of the rule of law kind. Perhaps the bauble round his proverbial might look a little tarnished in the wash up."

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