Sunday, August 03, 2008

ABC 'Insiders' - why are the right wing pamphleteers able to dominate the show?

I am curious why the Insider personnel are structured around three journalists, either from the 'free' or Murdoch Press, and the inevitable one eyed pamphleteer. I understand it may make for better 'theatre', a certain frisson, but to balance the ledger there should be a pamphleteer from the other side of politics.

The right-wing 'commentariat' do not bring much intellectual rigour to the table, particular those that are grossly impressed with themselves. You know who I mean, don't you?

It is sad to note GM being typecast in that role occasionally as he is capable of much better. For the sake of our cerebral health please balance the fare or at least have an electric muzzle that Barry can apply as the fair wind turns foul.

The Howard years are behind us after all!

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