Thursday, July 31, 2008

Human Rights Olympics - Tear down the Great Firewall of China

It will come as no surprise to those who follow human rights issues in China that the regime has reneged on any undertakings made on internet access during the games. Just a cursory perusal of the propaganda being sprayed about on the internet by regime apologists will reveal the limited access we have to human rights information in China. The story being presented by a somewhat hysterical brigade of supporters is skewed beyond belief. Disinformation is rife, censorship is rife, corruption is rife, and human rights violations are rife, and many just don't know the extent of the problem!

For over 90 days AI will construct huge yellow ‘walls’ all over Australia to represent the Chinese internet censorship regime known as the Golden Shield or the Great Firewall of China. The first wall was in Melbourne on the 30th April and the last will be in Sydney for the 10 day countdown to the Olympic Games, 31 July.
AI needs your help to tear down the wall!

The wall has been a huge success in capital cities around Australia, now it's going on a regional tour. We need volunteers to help us reach our target of tearing down 20,000 bricks in 90 days. Each brick of the wall holds an action aimed at the internet companies who enable censorship in China, such as Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft, Sohu and Baidu. These action cards call on the companies to stop assisting human rights violations. AI needs people to help the public use the wall, show them how to take action and help us get the message of human rights on the streets of Australia. AI will give you something fun to wear, all the info you need and a smile on the day.

It’s time for your town to tell these internet companies what we think!

Join the online Day of Protest!

Calling all those with a blog, website or Facebook page — we need you!

Stand up against Internet censorship in China by registering your page as part of the online the Day of Protest.

On the 10 day countdown to the Beijing Olympics (July 30), we will demonstrate our solidarity with citizens in China and strengthen our call on major internet companies to uphold human rights through ‘occupying’ as many online spaces as possible.

Be part of the protest!

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