Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bloggers abroad - China excites many opinions

I recently discovered that blog posts can have a separate life in virtual spaces disconnected from my own.

I learned that a recent post of mine on China has excited a commentary war between disparate players from US, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, UK, Thailand & China. It has led me to wonder how often this happens. There appears to be an extraordinary range of 'blog nets' that trap messages on particular subjects and broadcast them to random audiences. It is an interesting phenomenon.

China is exciting a barrage of opinion at present. Human rights activists are highlighting the failings of the regime on the human rights front, while a nationalistic fervour has gripped many people of Chinese descent, leading to attacks on anyone critical of China. A xenophobic pathology is manifesting itself in many of these virtual exchanges.

Link here to see what I mean.

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