Friday, October 19, 2007

The polls narrow as Howard opens the pork barrel and spreads fear

I suppose I should'nt be surprised by the slight turn around in Howard's polling numbers, but it is disappointing.

This Prime Minister has lied, dissembled, dog-whistled, propagandised, and, essentially, put this country in harm's way. Social divides have gaped open. Reconciliation has been marginalised. Public assets have been sold or gutted for private advantage. Rampant individualism has ravaged social unity. International covenants have been ignored or traduced. Militaristic unilateralism has become acceptable. The list goes on and on.

Yet, a grab bag of mindless tax cuts sees the Coalition's electoral fortunes improve. I keep reading earnest commentary that spruiks Labor's failings and shortcomings, and what Rudd has to do to win office.

Disengaged, disinterested and disempowered, the next generation wonder what the fuss is all about. That is a savage indictment of our political culture.

The role modeling of our leadership has been characterised by dirty tricks, slavish toadying to US foreign policy, neglect of public infrastructure and the skills base, economic & social elitism and attacks on weaker social elements.

And its Rudd who has to make the running!!! This PM should be cast out on the basis of his appalling record on human rights and social cohesion alone. If Howard is returned to office then we really do deserve the politicians we get.

For a a bit of a laugh about the man we have elected FOUR times, click here.

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