Thursday, October 04, 2007

Australia Tibet Council - Please support the Burma initiative

Doubtless readers have been following recent events in Burma. The courage of the Burmese protestors and the broad international condemnation of the junta has brought some hope of meaningful change and provided inspiration to human rights campaigners the world over.

However, the Burmese people are now facing violent reprisals and with reports of more than a thousand people missing they need our support.

In solidarity with the Burmese people and in sharing the goal of exposing China's sponsorship of repression abroad and ongoing human rights abuses at home, please support the global petition.

There are broader implications of the Burmese protests, including implications for Tibet.

One authority has the ability to constructively influence the future of both Burma and Tibet - China. Could the recent highlighting of China's support for the Burmese junta spark renewed international condemnation of its human rights' abuses at home and pave the way for a brighter future in Tibet? We certainly hope so.

Please join with ATC in supporting the global petition.

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