Friday, March 02, 2007

While Rudd met Burke, Howard "betrayed a whole nation"

Retroactive material support for terrorism. Wow! All against a backdrop of torture and other forms of abuse stretching back to the time of Hick's arrest. Not only has Howard put this country in an 'unilateral' black hole in Iraq, he has actively condoned the systematic abuse of an Australian citizen's rights by US agencies.

Coalition front benchers had a field day in Parliament yesterday, heckling Rudd over his unfortunate liaison with Brian Burke. Of course, I suggest a good number of Coalition constituents have made that mistake as well, but they are not leader of the Opposition. Rudd will doubtless take some political heat over this.

However, in the overall scheme of things, this failure of judgment pales into insignificance against the abysmal record of unmitigated foreign policy and duty of care misjudgments Howard has made on Iraq and Hicks.

As a 'postee' on The Age blog put it: "Howard BETRAYED all the Australian people AND I do not think that has been done by any previous PM!"

Perspective, people, please!

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