Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Abbot & Costello show - Oops, who's been 'supping with the devil' then?

As predicted in my previous post, no doubt Coalition constituents met with Burke. Little did I know that one of Howard's Ministers would show up on the radar so quickly, and now I suspect a plethora of the 'mates' will have to put their hands up.

The Abbott & Costello OTT attack on Rudd has blown up in their faces and revealed the 'consomme a la hubris' they snorkle in. As I pointed out yesterday, 'perspective' is needed in viewing this assault.

We have a government that has betrayed its duty of trusteeship to the Australian people on many fronts. Who's the real devil then? Who has lied routinely to stay in power? Who declared war in Iraq on the basis of dodgy intelligence? Who has set up a series of straw dog fears to frighten credulous voters? Who has colluded with US agencies to deny David Hicks natural justice? The list goes on and on and on...

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