Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Australia Day - New political correctness rules, OK?

Some revelations for Australia Day and 2007:

1. It is OK for the PM to lend his weight to right wing Christian groups, while decrying the failure of 'Muslims' to integrate.

2. It is OK to drape yourself in the Aussie flag and attack anyone who is not into your jingoistic wet dream.

3. It is not OK to wear a T-Shirt with an anti Dubbya message on a Qantas flight.

4. It is OK to invade and occupy another country illegally.

5. It is not OK to support multiculturalism.

6. It is OK to think that anyone who does'nt understand 'Aussie values' is a recalcitrant who should be put in their place.

7. It is OK for people accused of crimes under the new definition of terrorism to be denied habeas corpus.

8. It is not OK to access government documents under Freedom of Information unless a Minister decides it is in the public interest.

9. It is OK for ASIO to tap the phones of people not suspected of anything.

10. It is OK to be afraid, very afraid.

Leunig in The Age


Anonymous said...

there is a cure for these problems. it's a slow acting medicine, might take years to change things:

vote for democracy, stop voting for politicians. just write "democracy = cir" on your ballot, don't tick any boxes.

when/if enough people do this, labor will lose an election they would have won, if they had not removed citizen initiated referendum from their policy, back in the 1960's.

the penny will drop, sooner or later.

a nation that has cir can train it's politicians to be clerks and administrators instead of arrogant gang bosses. up to you..

al loomis

Mark Thomson said...

terrific strategy Al - let me know how it goes!