Thursday, March 02, 2006

Detention shake-up follows scandals

The Age reports THE CONTROVERSIAL private operator of Australia's detention centres (Global Solutions Limited) will not have its lucrative $90-million-a-year contract extended...The company has come under intense scrutiny, with critics claiming it has introduced a punitive prison regime to detention centres, including the use of solitary confinement."

GSL will have an opportunity to bid for the new contract, and one can only hope that its performance to date will exclude any chance of it picking up the new tender. One can also hope that GSL will come under even closer scrutiny down the track when a future Government subjects this dark period of asylum seeker management to the full glare of a Royal Commission. I am looking forward to GSL executives being asked searching questions about such things as the role of government in establishing policy settings and performance benchmarks for detention centres etc. (echoes of AWB methinks).

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