Saturday, March 18, 2006

2006 Senate Migration Act Inquiry - report

A Just Australia describes the Senate report as "another valuable Government report on immigration in Australia. The inquiry primarily focused on refugee and asylum seeker issues – not because this is the majority of work performed by the Department of Immigration, but because this is the most contentious area of immigration policy. The Inquiry made some excellent suggestions for how the asylum seeking process could be made more fair and reasonable. The current process is not designed to find out who is a genuine refugee. It is designed to find as few refugees as possible.

Additionally, there was no reference to the issues of border protection, naval interdiction policies or disruption tactics. Given the tragic loss of life after the sinking of SIEV-X, the Senate inquiry lost an opportunity to investigate this important area of Government activity. There is still a need for a full and independent inquiry into this area."

When will SIEV-X be properly investigated?

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