Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ABC spruiks reactionary politics in the cause of 'balance'

Sent the following comment to their ABC this morning:

"ABC24 Breakfast is at it again. Trioli was drooling over the prospect of Abbott becoming PM on the back of fear campaigns and some dunderhead Tea Party pollie entering the Presidential fray. Where in your charter does it say you should shape opinion on how people think about politics? You have players like Trioli and Clarke clearly spruiking for right wing reactionaries. I would be equally offended if they were spruiking for left wing ideologues.

There are too many opinionated flakes involved with shows on ABC24 under the guise of journalism. Breakfast and the Drum are inhabited by people trying to model themselves on commercial talk show participants, with a shallowness that is breathtakingly disappointing and it is seeping into your serious journalism.

Over time you will loose audience share because the 'concentration span of distracted gnats' crowd are'nt interested in politics and those with a brain will get their 'news' on-line. Many people are sick of the editorializing virus that is sweeping the ABC, seeking to shift opinion on the major issues of the day.

In your quest for so-called 'balance' some dreadful 'pamphleteers' get a regular airing, such as those from thoroughly compromised think tanks such as the IPA. No wonder the PM's polling is going south on matters of national importance such as carbon pricing. Their ABC is out there doing the reactionary's job for them!"

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Sam C said...

Well said Mark- we just put that message up on the Getup ABC reform campaign page too ( http://suggest.getup.org.au/forums/60819-getup-campaign-suggestions/suggestions/1684971-petition-for-abc-to-return-to-its-charter )

In the last month, this campaign push has gone from 22nd up to 16th place on the Getup site, with 2150 votes now, over 900 registered 'supporters', and only 580 votes to go before we reach the top 10 :)