Sunday, April 03, 2011

ABC Insiders just another vehicle for reactionary pamphleteers dog whistling for Abbott

I have finally given up on this show, which should be compulsory viewing for political junkies like me. However, it has become a vehicle for right wing pamphleteers to dog whistle for reactionary politics. Attempts to counter their twaddle by sensible journalists are foiled by bullying and poor hosting. Poor Barry is more interested in his sun tan and taking revenge on Labor luminaries who have done him wrong than bringing some sense of decorum to this ongoing farce. My last feedback went like this:

"I have complained several times about the demeaning of the political discourse by enabling paid up pamphleteers to have such a high profile on this show. I am addicted to the contest of ideas at the heart of our body politic but Bolt and Ackermann are dog whistlers for a particularly nasty brand of reactionary politics, and should not be allowed to bully other journalists who actually have an open mind. Free speech by all means but just give them a megaphone and send them back from whence they come. I've persevered for a long time but Bolt's 'performance' today was beyond the pale - he will be back sniggering with his fellow travelers on his appalling blog before the day is out and our ABC will be further diminished under its own charter. You won't be hearing from me again Barry so you can relax and get your bets on.... "

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