Thursday, February 17, 2011

Labor tackles racism and reprises multiculturalism

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The dog whistling politics of the Coalition has come back to bite it on the bum. It is about time the sunshine was let in on this grubby corner of the extreme right's campaign to win office on the back of fear and division. It's an Abbott speciality of course and those out there peddling this racial vilification stuff are doing his bidding. An anti-Islam campaign has been festering for some time within the bowels of the Coalition and now its ugly shape is being revealed.

As I wrote in a post last year, Abbott ran "...for the highest office on a platform of unbridled entitlement politics, encouraging division, selfishness and 'get out of my way' pitches to people who think Government is about nothing more than serving their narrow interests. Labor had to tip toe through an electoral mine field of electors easily in thrall to hate-mongering, which has become an acceptable political tool when you have little else to convince the electorate you are fit for government."

Nothing has changed....

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