Sunday, September 19, 2010

Asylum seekers in Australia - is it legitimate to have punishment of boat people as a centre piece of an election platform?

As you would expect from a political party that reaps returns from its investment of political capital on the demonization of refugees, the Coalition continues its obnoxious rhetoric on boat people. Make no mistake, this is not a reasoned debate on the rights and wrongs of refugee policy. The Coalition has gained rich pickings from fear-mongering, as evidenced by the Queensland vote. The 'tea party' rump of the One Nation party has drifted back to the LNP, in thrall to simple minded messages on debt & deficit, the mining tax and good ole refugee bashing.

Following are some links to people who think and worry about this phenomenon in our body politic:

The refugee myth: How to make things seem worse than they are.

Pacific Solution no real answer.

Simplistic scare tactics will not stop the boats.

While I am no fan of our engagement in Afghanistan, to suggest all young Afghani men should fight the Taliban rather than flee from violence and persecution is reminiscent of those who criticise Holocaust victims of the Nazis for not fighting. A lot of them were young men! Following is an example of this execrable nonsense, fuelling intolerance and hate:

Our boys arrive by bodybag.

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