Sunday, June 06, 2010

ABC Insiders give Abbott another free kick

My message to ABC's Insiders today:

"Congratulations on today's political cabaret. Every position adopted by your panel was anti-Rudd. My god, he must be a dreadful person. He obviously does'nt tickle the journos fancy enough. Swearing off-line, golly gosh. Fraser, Hawke & Keating were such paragons of virtue in that area & 'life's a box of chocolates'. My only disappointment is that Hawke & Keating are'nt around to let you lot know a few home truths about your shoddy journalism in 'appropriate' language.

Please, please stop being a paid commercial for Abbott and bastardy inc. and do some cerebral analysis. Your take on the mining tax politics is breathtaking in its superficiality. And, Iemma dudded by Rudd! Keating would have got a giggle out of that. He kicked people from within and without the bastions of the NSW right as a bloodsport.

I for one am happy that Iemma might have got some comeuppance - he certainly dished plenty out. Why are'nt you focused on the backstabbing of Tripodi et al?

The only snippet of Petro's timely valedictory you showed was the joke about Playboy, rather than his take on human rights violations.

Nudge, nudge, wink wink, let's go get a latte and think of more ways to give Abbott our endorsement. If that @#$%^&* becomes PM you lot can take a long look at yourselves because the MSM will have had a huge hand in it, won't they Lenore? (& bonuses all round)...."

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